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Boiler room area

At TALLERS LIVIAN SL boilermaking is an art that we master with mastery. Our commitment begins with making estimates without commitment, followed by expert advice and detailed planning. Our technical department uses advanced design programs such as Solid and Autocad to ensure precision in each piece. Approval with tig welding ensures quality at every joint.

We manufacture a wide range of products for the food industry, from structures to mixers, with a special focus on AISI 304-316 stainless steel, which makes up 90% of our products. At TALLERES LIVIAN SL quality is not just a standard, it is our distinctive brand.

Livestock machinery manufacturing area

Immerse yourself in the excellence of livestock machinery manufacturing with our flagship product, the ROBOT 40. With over 50 years of experience and observation, we've perfected a modern model that retains the essence of the original , standing out for its more mechanical than electronic approach.

Made entirely of AISI-304 stainless steel and aluminum, the ROBOT 40 is a machine designed to feed up to 400 cattle or goats. Equipped with a 30 liter hot water tank that is maintained thanks to a direct water inlet auxiliary tank, it is easy to use and fully functional. In addition, we have national distributors who guarantee personalized attention and reliable after-sales service.

At TALLERS LIVIAN SL we not only offer products and services, but solutions that make a difference. Trust us to exceed your expectations with quality, expertise and unwavering dedication.

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